Work on η6 Functionalization of Graphene in Nano Letter

Nano Letter Snapshot
Songwei Che’s recent work, focused on “Retained Carrier-Mobility and Enhanced Plasmonic-Photovoltaics of Graphene via ring-centered η6 Functionalization and Nanointerfacing”, has been published in Nano Letter.

The motivation of this work was to bind graphene with auxillary nanoparticles for plasmonics, photovoltaics, and/or optoelectronics, while retaining the trigonal-planar bonding of sp2 hybridized carbons to maintain its carrier mobility. In this article, Songwei demonstrated that the grafting of chromium tricarbonyl with all six carbon atoms in the benzonoid ring on graphene to form an eta-6-graphene Cr(CO)3 complex can preserve the lattice continuum with a retention in charge carrier mobility (9% increase at 10 K); with AgNPs attached on graphene/n-Si solar cells, we report an ∼11-fold plasmonic-enhancement in the power conversion efficiency (1.24%).

You can read the full article here. This article has been featured in AZO Nano, UIC News, and PHYS.